Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Experimental Doc. or Narrative (50Points)

Your assignment is to create either an Experimental Documentary or Narrative. There are several deadlines and materials you need to turn in for this project.

Step one: Your plan, what are you going create? I need a ruff Idea developed to discuss by June 7th.
                You will need to turn your planning documents into me to accompany your final piece.
                This should include these types of docs: Script, sketches, thumbnails, shot list, and storyboard
                Before you start shooting your idea needs to be approved by me verbally or via email.
Step two: Start getting footage for your piece. Starting today June 6th-11th. You will need to get more
                 footage than you think is necessary. The general rule is 30min for every good min. Your
                 final piece needs to be 3-4 min. This being said you don't have an extremely long time to do
                 this project. I would go for 10min to every min. Think about how this is going to flow in the
                 editing process and get more angles than are necessary. If you deem it necessary Monday is
                 a work day. For one more day to shoot. I will not be taking attendance, but will be there if
                 you need help.
Step three: Editing: should start at the absolute latest June 12th. You will have next weeks June 12th
                   and 13th to edit and work on your piece with my help. It is required to show work in
                   progress. I will be going over color correction and audio (voice over capturing).
Step Four: Final crit on June 14th.


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